I have taught in various undergraduate subjects at The University of Melbourne, across roles requiring the creation and delivery of lecture and tutorial materials, development of assessment tasks and practical exercises, and associated marking, administration, and student consultations.


LING20005 Phonetics (Guest lecturer, 2020)

LING40008 Experimental Phonetics (Guest lecturer, 2019)

LING30002 Phonology (Lecturer and subject coordinator, 2018)

Tutor (teaching assistant):

LING10001 The Secret Life of Language (2012)

LING20005 Phonetics (2013, 2014, 2015)

LING30002 Phonology (2012)

LING90015 English Phonetics and Phonology (2016)

In addition to various workshops, I have taught in these Summer School courses:

African Languages and Linguistics (course co-taught at the 2017 CoEDL Summer School, Australian National University)

Prosody (course co-taught at the 2019 CoEDL Summer School, The University of Melbourne)